Polyesline S.L.U. is a company dedicated to distribute polyester film materials, and soon foam-with polyester film base, both with the best qualities of the market and for wood pressing and plywood industry, flexo printing, labeling, laminators , flexible packaging, for demolding materials, and others.

Our primary value is to always provide quick and efficient service, in order to achieve our goal: excellence in customer satisfaction, with the observance and foresight so that no material deficiencies in their production processes. Therefore, all our innovation and management activity must be converging and redundant in achieving this goal, and with highly competitive rates.

Consequently, always we understand our work as a service in addition to the quality on the products we distribute and sell. That is why our business management is based on: ALL THE CUSTOMER NEEDS, advising on the most efficient products for industrial activity; HOW DOES HE NEED IT?, in the formats, weights and sizes that best fit; WHEN DOES HE NEED IT?; maintaining a sufficient stock in our stores and adapt to the programming of its activities; and WHERE DOES HE NEED IT?, transporting it to their facilities with companies with proven efficiency and even offering our facilities for their stocks.

Our customers rely on POLYESLINE and they come from the most diverse industrial sectors:

  • Flexography and Graphic Arts
  • Support clisé – Flexography
  • Laser printing
  • For punching pieces
  • Wood Pressing and Plywood Industry
  • Protection of dishes presses
  • Conveyor belt
  • Etiquetadoras
  • Label Manufacturing
  • Paperboard Industry
  • demolding materials, Release agents
  • Products for food packaging
  • Packaging
  • Restoration and conservation of documents
  • Nautical and Naval Industry
  • Fibreglass constructions
  • Manufacturing Metalúrgicas
  • Electronic Equipment Manufacturers
  • Integrated Circuits and Insulators
  • Clothing and Footwear Manufacturing
  • Chemical industry
  • Plastic Industries
  • Protection of parts
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Tire Industries