Hostaphan® is a family of PET polyester film made by Mitsubishi. Hostaphan® polyester film has extremely good properties in terms of mechanical stability, dielectric strength, abrasion and thermal resistance. The films can be supplied with great transparency, or in white or black. It has good barrier properties and are extremely chemically resistant.

Hostaphan® polyester film is available in many specific designs. Hostaphan® film can be used in the temperature range of -70 ° C to 150 ° C. Since they do not contain plasticizers, it does not become brittle or brittle as they age under normal conditions.

Hostaphan® polyester film has excellent electrical insulating properties, it can be used as insulation at continuous temperatures up to 130 ° C, it is used in the printing industry as a high quality printing film that resists aging. It can be used as a carrier film for flexible printed circuits; it is resistant to fungi and bacteria and is highly resistant to impregnation and printing elements.