Polyesline S.L.U. is a spanish company dedicated to distribute, cut, rewind, ream and laminate polyester film materials with the best qualities of the market and intended for the wood and plywood pressing industry, flexography, graphic arts, labeling machines, laminators, flexible packaging, demoulding machines and others.

Our primary value is to always provide a fast and efficient service, in order to get our target: excellence in customer satisfaction, with observance and foresight so that there is no lack of material in their production processes. Therefore, all our innovation, activity and management must be convergent and redundant in geting this objective, and with highly competitive prices.

Consequently, we always understand our work as an additional quality service to the products we distribute and sell. That is why our commercial management is based on: WHAT IS THE CUSTOMER NEEDS, advising him on the most efficient products for his industrial activity; HOW YOU NEED IT, in the formats, measures and weights that best suit you; WHEN YOU NEED IT; maintaining a sufficient stock in our warehouses and adapting to the programming of its activity; and WHERE YOU NEED IT, transporting it to your facilities with companies of proven efficiency and even offering our facilities for your stocks.

Our clients trust POLYESLINE and come from the most varied industrial sectors:

  • Flexography and Graphic Arts.
  • Cardboard factories (For windows boxes).
  • Wood veneer and plywood industry.
  • Hot, cold and membrane dish presses.
  • Labels.
  • Laser printing.
  • To make die cut.
  • Musical instruments, percussion, speakers…
  • Conveyor belts.
  • Release agent (fiberglass reinforced plastics).
  • Food containers.
  • Restoration and conservation of documents and photos.
  • Naval Industry and Nautical Industry.
  • Automotive.
  • Boxes of trucks, caravans and mobile-home.
  • Sandwich panel fabrications (fiberglass reinforced polyester film).
  • Packaging.
  • Electronics and integrated circuits.
  • Metallurgy.
  • Textile and footwear.