PLA is the abbreviation for Poly Lactid Acid. This material can decompose into water and carbon dioxide by burying or composting completely. It does not produce pollution or negative impact on our environment.

It is NOT toxic and IS harmless, so it also helps reduce carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels.


  • It has the OK COMPOST Certificate, EN13432 and ISO17088.
  • It has a high level of transparency, it is easy to laminate with paper.
  • The raw material comes from the NatureWorks LLC lngeoTM resin.
  • It is a film molded by an extrusion machine, and its thickness is very uniform.
  • It has a great capacity to twist, print and metallize.
  • PLA comes from biomass, mainly from corn starch, sugar cane or cellulose.
  • Biodegradability is a chemical process, inherent in certain polymers, in which materials, with the help of microorganisms, are metabolized in water, carbon dioxide and biomass.
  • It is 99% biodegradable and compostable, reaching 90% disintegration through industrial process. Complying with the European compostability regulations.
  • From 1 month it could already disintegrate, but it would not reach 90% until 6 months with the following conditions: + 58º and a humidity of 90%.
  • Seal at a temperature of 85º Celsius.
  • It is a very permeable film, it has no moisture barrier.
  • It is very transparent and high gloss.
  • It has a high COF.
  • It has a good barrier to mineral oils and aromas.
  • It works very well with water based inks.
  • It is not a “hot compost”
  • It is a compostable film, certified by DIN CERTCO as it is an industrially compostable film.

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