Mylar Dupont

The Mylar® polyester film exhibits a very high resistance to traction and heat and maintains excellent insulating properties.

Composition: MYLAR polyester film is a flexible, strong and durable film with a range of properties that make it advisable in many industrial applications.

The material may be transparent, opaque, white or milky.

Its chemical resistance properties make it suitable for different teams and industries.

The availability of thickness are large, and the standard thicknesses are: 12, 23, 36, 50, 75, 100, 125, 190, 250, 350 and 500 microns.

Properties: MYLAR Type A has a tensile strength of 210 MPa average, has excellent resistance to moisture and most chemicals and can withstand extreme temperatures from -70 ° C to 150 ° C, and containing no plasticizer . MYLAR is no brittle over time under normal conditions.

MYLAR has a very good resistance to commodities and acids, halogenated compounds used as refrigerants.

Format: MYLAR® coils comes in all width from 500 mm, varying the diameters and / or films according particuilares manufacturing  conditions.

MYLAR comes in smaller formats, cut to size as required the user upon request.

Melinex 339 (for labels):

Melinex 339 is exceptionally white, opaque film is a pre treated on both sides to improve adhesion of most printing inks and industrial coatings. It is used as a base to protect the pressure-sensitive labels for printing on photo paper, cards security and access, in many tickets, like a base on various tests and trials medical, and other applications print. It is available in thicknesses of 36, 50, 75, 100, 125, 175, 250 and 330 microns.

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